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The Rise of cyber crime -

Beza Belayneh on SABC AM News recently

Following the recent hacking of Road Traffic Management systems, Beza gave interview at SABC how it happened, why cyber crime is a growing threat in South Africa? What must be done to effectively combat cyber crime in SA?

Beza gave an interview on the growing threat of cyber crime in South Africa and shared insight and tips how to combat the silent epidemic that is affecting every aspect of the economy, government and citizens of South Africa

Beza on SABC tv - sharing insight on how media reporting on cyber crime impacts general cyber risk awareness and mindset shift.


News and Happenings



:: Beza B. was on SABC News Media Monitor programme with Aisha giving insight on the role of media reporting on cyber crime - what is right and what is wrong

:: Beza B. was at theCNBC Africa Studios with Bruce Whitfield for Tonight's Show on cyber crime

:: Beza B. presented on Emerging cyberthreats for core banking solutions at the 2nd Annual Core Banking SolutionConference in Johannusburg

Beza B. is a high level information security & cybersecurity expert.

Well known industry speaker, trainer, consultant, and writer, Beza B. has presented his unique cybersecurity awareness seminars, research results and workshops at all levels in South Africa, Central & East Africa, Middle East Europe and USA for over a decade.

Recent events

:: Beza B. delivered a keynote address at the Global Transactional Banking - evolving cyber risk to global transactional banking in Johannesburg

:: Beza B. was on cybersecurity panel discussion at Classic FM radio

:: Beza B. delivered official keynote address at the Financial Services Board (FSB) annual general meeting in Centurion

:: Beza B. presented on Socially Egineered Malware at ISC2 Secure Johannesburg Conference - - Johannesburg

:: Beza B. gave a keynote address at the Compliance SA Inagular Public Sector Conference at CSIR - in Pretoria Beza presented on POPI, cybercrime and privacy compliance in pubilc sector

:: Beza B. gave exciting lecture at University of Pretoria for Degree and Masters students majoring Law on - The role of lawyers in combating cybercrime in South Africa.

Upcoming talks and media appearance
1. Insider threats to information assets
2. Why you must develop malware analysis capability
3. Security Metrics...the what the why and the how
4. Socially engineered malware - still serious threat
5. Information security awareness for board members
6. Why current security awareness isn't working
7. Penetration testing concept for non-pentesters
8. CSIRT - why you need it and how to develop it


Beza B. is known as a dynamic and entertaining speaker and leading authority in information security and cybercrime.

He is particularly appreciated for his ability to explain complex emerging cyberthreats in straight forward and practical terms that can be strategically applied by both executives and general staff.

He clearly influences and guides his audiences to take action and adopt sesnsible security measures. He sees what hard core technologists can not see in business and he sees what business executives can not see in technology; be it contemporary or legacy threats.

He has written for numerous publications and frequently provided expert interviews on current security threatscape and trends to Radio, TV, magazines, online media, executive brief& forums in South Africa and around the world..










Back in 1993, Beza B, as a third year student at Andrews University, Michigan, , wrote his first paper on computer crime after extensive research and going through hundreds of pages of crime reports and news pieces(in the absence of Google and well written books on the subject) from FBI, Secret Service and Department of Justice.

Through this paper, Beza in detailed wrote a fascinating recount of various types of computer crimes, the modes operandi of computer criminals and characteristics of notable computer criminals of the time(e.g. Kevin Mitnick, Kevin Poulson).

Since then, Beza has become a notable and credible expert developing passion, skills, expertise and drive to develop a unique mix of capabilities to consult, speak and provide unique insight and holistic approach in combating cybercrime threats for over a decade. He is a CEO of South African Centre for Information Security.

Beza shares his unique insight ranging from why we have done nothing while cyber threats developing this far and what we can do as industry, government, end users and decision makers in public and private sectors to close the gap. 18 years of experience in the industry gives Beza a leading edge to contribute significantly in your effort to combat cyber crime and attain cyber resilience.

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